Run Powershell Script From Bash

You can run a PowerShell script from the Bash through two steps:

  • Step 1: Install PowerShell core in your system,
  • Step 2: Execute your PowerShell script using the core handle

We will test the ideas using the following bash emulations: the Tilix terminal on Debian (for Linux), Mac Terminal, and Git Bash on Windows

Step 1: Installing PowerShell Core

For Linux/ Debian Users

You can install PowerShell core on Debian by running the following commands from the terminal (source: Microsoft website).

If you use a different distro, please get the installation commands here.

Note: After the installation, you may find PowerShell on the apps list, but you may not be able to launch it by clicking it (Go to Step 2).

For Windows Users

You probably have PowerShell installed on your system. If not, or if you want to update, use this link.

If you want to use Bash on Windows, a good BASH emulation app is Git for Windows, which can be downloaded from

For Mac Users

You can install PowerShell core by using Homebrew by running the following command.

Or update it using the commands

Note: After installing PowerShell, you may see the app on the apps list, but you may not be able to launch it by clicking on the icon. If you click the icon, an instance of PowerShell will be launched from the Mac Terminal.

Step 2: Launching PowerShell Core and Using it to Execute a PowerShell Script.

You can launch the PowerShell core from Linux Terminal, Git Bash for Windows, or Mac Terminal using the command:

And you can execute a PowerShell script using the command

Let’s try that by running the script below. The script accepts one parameter, $Name, then prints a message based on the time of the day.

Scrip Name: script1.ps1

On Debian Tilix Terminal:

On Git Bash for Windows:

On Mac Terminal:


Running PowerShell from Bash boils down to installing the PowerShell core and using the core handle to run PowerShell scripts. In this article, we covered how to install PowerShell on different platforms and how to use it to run a PowerShell script.